First race of 2018 in Wallisellen

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Hi guys, as always, since I live in Switzerland, the first test of the year is the Internationaler Walliseller Triathlon, the first race of the Swiss Tricircuit. It’s a sprint triathlon with special distances: 600m swim, 15km bike and 4km run. The race starts as a time trial with a triathlete starting every 15 seconds. Since the swim is in a 50 m swimming pool, that’s probably the only way to do it.

But there was much more going on in Wallisellen during the weekend. I went there with my Loolaba teammates Adrian and Tom to prepare the stand for the expo on Saturday afternoon. At 17:30 the kids where racing and at 20:12 a 10k night run took place. The program for Sunday was: “team relay” at 10 am, “triathlon experience” (no license) at 10:05 am, pro race at 12:00 pm and “triathlon competition” (licensed athlete) at 14:10.

My day started at 7:30 am, preparing the stand for the second day of the expo. Around 9:45 am I left my colleague Adrian in charge of the stand and I went to the swimming pool for the start of the team relay race: yes, I was the swimmer 🙂 I did the 600 m in 10:08, a bit slower than expected. There was a lot of traffic in the water and in some points it was not possible to pass the other swimmers. Anyway, I had one of the best times in the relay race 🙂 My teammates Tom and Lilian did a great job in the cycling and running segments and we placed 7th, 6th in the mixed relay team category. It was my first time racing in a team and I’m so happy for the top 10 and so proud of my teammates, those who raced in the team and those who were along the course cheering for us and taking pictures.

After the end of the relay race I came back to the stand and I helped out until about 30 minutes before my start in the individual race, that was at 15:12. This time I managed to swim faster (9’50”) as there was no traffic in the water. I had to pass only one swimmer and I didn’t have any problems. My swim was 45 seconds faster than last year and I think that over a distance of 600 meters it is a big improvement in 12 months. I think that my off-season and pre-season training are paying dividends. Same for the bike: I did 26’14”, 41 seconds faster than last year, not too bad 🙂 On the other hand, in the running segment I was 18 seconds slower than last year with a time of 15’36”. But I’m totally fine with that because last year I spent the off-season training for the Boston Marathon and my running volume was at least double the amount of this year and my weight was about 7 kg lower.

To sum up, it was a great weekend, I enjoyed spending time with my Loolaba teammates, working at the stand and racing. In total I was 54 seconds faster than in 2017. I’m definitely excited for this result. I didn’t expect to improve my PB by almost a minute in such a short race. I think that I’m on the right way to reach my goal: getting a slot for the 70.3 IronMan world championship in Nice in 2019. The next test will be in Zug on June 17th, stay tuned!

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