Second Olympic Triathlon in 7 days in Spiez

Last Saturday I did my second Olympic Triathlon of the season only six days after the fast race in Zug. The weather was amazing the entire day in Spiez. It was a bit windy though. In some segments on the bike course I was not feeling comfortable in the aero position because the bike was kind of shaking due to the wind and I was not feeling in full control of the bike. Anyway, I finished the race in 2:13:50, 19th in my age group. I was expecting to be about 4 minutes faster. However, 19th place, considering that the race was valid for the Swiss National Championship, is not too bad. I was about 5 minutes faster than 4 years ago when I did this race for the first and only time.

I arrived in Spiez by train at 12:34, a bit more than 1 hour before the start, enough time to go through registration, check-in and a bit of warm up. The temperature of the water in Lake Thun is usually quite cold, therefore this time the wetsuit was allowed. It was my first race with my new Zoggs FX1 and it went pretty well. The distance was exactly 1.500m and I finished in 23:47, a pace of 1:33 min/100m. My target for this season is to reach a pace of 1:30 min/100m in the half IronMan distance (1.900m) and I think that I’m pretty close. I have to try to improve about 3 seconds on 100m over the next month. At the start I was quite in front on the left side. The group with the fast swimmers broke away after a few minutes and I was able to keep the pace of the chasing group. I was feeling comfortable in the water and I’m very happy with my new wetsuit. Since I started to race in triathlons, swimming has been my least favourite part of the race, especially with a mass start. This season my feelings are completely different, I’m enjoing the swim as much as the bike and the run.

The bike course was quite hilly (350m of elevation), especially if compared with the course of the Zug Triathlon of last week. A few meters after T1 there is already a steep hill, luckily not too long. The first half of the course was mostly uphill. However, except for a couple of steep and short hills, the incline on the rest of the course was very low and I could perceive it mainly because of the effort that I was making on the bike. I was trying to keep my watts above FTP but I think that I should have pushed harder. In the second half of the race the incline was mainly negative and in some segments I was riding above 60 km/h effortless. I was much faster than in the first half and I didn’t need to push nearly as hard as in the first half. I have to keep this in mind if I race again in Spiez next year. Anyway, overall I’m satisfied of the performance on the bike (1:02:43 in 40km).

The run course was made of two laps of 5k with a first kilometer on a heart-break hill. In the firs lap I was doing ok but when a I had to go through the hill a second time I struggled a lot and the rest of the second lap was not nearly as good as the first one. I finished the 10k in 42:40, almost 3 minutes slower than in Zug. For sure the course was harder and probably I was more tired than last week. However, I want to be able to run on tired legs at 4:00 min/km. Let see if I can reach this goal in the next race in Uri this Sunday.

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