Triathlon Uri: 2nd place in the Swiss Tricircuit Ranking

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Last Sunday in Uri it was my third Olympic Triathlon in 15 days and it went pretty well. It was a bit shorter than the standard distance and I was able to finish the race in 1:56:19, 13th place in my age group. This gave me enough points to reach the second place in the Swiss Tricircuit Ranking in my age group and third place overall! Not too bad. Now let see for how long I can hold this position in the ranking. It’s going to be hard.

My day on Sunday started very early, at 6am. I had breakfast, I picked my stuff for the race and I brought them to the Loolaba van parked nearby my apartment. I went with my teammates Adrian and John to Uri quite early because we had to set up the stand before the start of the first race of the day: the duathlon. It was an all day event, with sprint and olympic distance, Swiss Elite National Championships (male and female) and all the youth categories. I helped out with the stand until noon then I went to the registration and I checked in my bike and the other stuff for the race. The start of the olympic distance was at 1:50 pm. I went to warm up in the water around 1:30pm. It was a sunny and very hot day. I enjoyed being in the fresh water 🙂

The swim was a two loops course. It was quite windy and there were waves almost like in the sea, especially until the first buoy. The rest of the course was not so bad. I struggled a little bit in the first segment of the loop but in the rest of the course I was feeling quite good. I was not so fast though, definitely slower than last week in Spiez. My pace was 1:39 min/km but the total distance was only 1.100m and I managed to finish in 18:28. T1 was very long though. There were at least 300m between the lake and the transition zone. Maybe they tried to compensate with a shorter swim 😀

The bike course was 3 rounds on a 12km loop. It was mostly flat although the wind in some points was very strong. My bike split was great: I finished the 36km in 52:20, 3rd time in my AG, only 20 seconds from the best time of the day. I averaged more than 40km/h and 277w. I passed many athletes, even some of the elite age groupers who reached T1 faster than me. However, my T2 was quite slow and they passed me again before starting the run segment.

As I said at the beginning, it was very hot and running in the middle of the afternoon was definitely the hardest part of the race. My target pace was 4:00 min/km but I was not able to keep it even for the first km. The course was 4 rounds on a 2.5km loop. The first 2 rounds were decent at about 4:10 min/km on average. In the 3rd round I started to slow down and in the last round I was running around 4:25 min/km. At the end I finished in 42:08 with an average pace of 4:19 min/km.

Overall I’m satisfied of the outcome of the race and of my current level of fitness. I would like to improve my running before my A-race in August. I’m running at a good pace during the run key-workout. Now I have to understand why I’m not able to keep that pace in a triathlon. Possible causes are weather and tiredness, since I’m not tapering before these competitions. Or maybe I just have to be patient and keep following my training plan 🙂 Let see how it goes this coming Sunday in the Sempachersee Sprint Triathlon.

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