Triathlon Locarno Race Report (Sprint&Olympic)

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The race in Locarno was the 8th stage of the Swiss Tricircuit. There were two options for the participants: middle distance and olympic distance. However, the day before, on Saturday, the orgnizers offered as well a sprint race, outside of the tricircuit. Since I had to go to Locarno on Saturday anyway (because the race on Sunday started early and it’s quite far from Lucerne), I decided to sign up for the sprint race as well.

I arrived to Locarno with my friend Adrian around 2pm. We went to the hotel to check-in. We thought we had plenty of time because the sprint race was starting at 5:30pm. However, we didn’t know that the registration was closing at 3:30pm (and Adrian still had to register) and that the transition zone was closing at 4:15pm. We arrived to the expo area at 3:45pm. The organizers where so kind to let Adrian register for the race despite the official registration time was already expired. We had to run back to the hotel to pick up our stuff and we came back by bike as quicly as possible in order to leave our stuff in the transition zone before 4:15pm. It was quite an adventure but we managed to do everything on time… And then we had to wait more than one hour to start the race…

The organizer selected the 30 participants with the best time in this race in previous years to start in the first wave at 5:25pm. The other participants started 3 minutes later with a rolling start with 2 athletes every 15 seconds. My swim was quite good and I passed many athletes. T2 was quick and I was going very well until one of the pods of the power meter broke down and went into the chain. I was in 6th position and chasing the leaders but I had to stop for about 2 minutes to fix the bike. I finished the bike as well as I could without power meter… I was so upset for this issue that I ran as hard as I could and I averaged 3:39 min/km on 5k. I finished the race in 1:01:52 in 12th position in my age group. I think that I could have finished easily in the top 10 without the issues with the power meter but anyway it was a great workout.

On Sunday I went to prepare my stuff in the transition zone early enough. I tried to repare the power meter but it didn’t work. I will have to replace the damaged pod. The start of the swim this time was by waves and I started with all the other man in the olympic distance at 8:30am. I went with my friend Jurgen quite in the front and we started to swim quite fast. I averaged 1:32 min/100m on 1.500m (with wetsuit). In T1 I was still very close to Jurgen but then he was faster than me on the bike and the run. I did the entire bike segment without power meter for the first time in a few months. I think that I managed to pace myself quite well anyway. I averaged 39km/h with tired legs from the day before. I don’t think that I would have been much faster with a power meter. T2 was quite good and the run as well. My legs where really tired, especially my calves, but I was able to keep an excellent pace (3:57 min/km on average). I hope I can run at this pace in my next 70.3 IronMan in Chongquing. I finished the race in 2:11:09, in 11th position in my age group and very satisfied for the performance and for the entire weekend.

After the race I spent some quality time with my teammates, my sister and one of my coworkers. Many familiar faces came to Locarno for the weekend. It was a great event and I think that I will come back next year. I’m not sure if I will do the double again but I want definitely to race here again. This coming weekend I will go to Yverdon for the 9th race of the tricircuit. I’m looking forward to racing in a draft legal race for the first time this season.

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