Olympic Triatholn Yverdon and Davos Race Report

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The season came to an end with the races in Yverdon and Davos, both olympic distance. I was supposed to do a 70.3 IronMan in China on September 23rd but the government of the city of Chongquing revoked the permission to organize the race and therefore the organizers had to cancel the event.

The race in Yverdon, on Septmeber 9th, was the 9th and only draft-legal race of the Swiss tricircuit. I finished the race in 2:07:06, in 11th position overall and 8th in my category. The weather was absolutely amazing and the water of the lake in Yverdon was cristal clear like in a tropical island. On my way to Yverdon I was kicked out of the train because I didn’t have a reservation for my bike. I arrived there at 10:20, only 40 minutes before the start of the race. Luckily the train station was very close to the start and I managed to do everything on time, even a short warm up in the water. The swim included an Australian exit and it went quite well. I managed to keep a 1:33min/100m pace, with wetsuit.

After the swim, I did my best on the bike to reach a fast group to take advantage of the draft-legal race. Unfortunately, the course was very technical with a lot of corners, ups and downs… The other competitors seemed to know the course much better than me and I was loosing a couple of meters from the group after every corners. I managed to stay with them for about 2 of the 5 laps and then I had to continue on my own because the rest of the peloton was not so fast.

In the run I managed to pass some of the cyclists that were in the fast group. I had the 4th best run split of my age group and 5th overall. The course was over 4 laps on a “cross coutry” surface in the park nearby the beach. It was flat but the soft surface didn’t make it easy at all.

The race in Davos, on September 15th, was the 10th and last race of the season in the Swiss tricircuit. I finished the race in 2:11:23, in 9th position overall and 7th position in my agegroup. Last year the weather was horrible, it was already snowing in the middle of Septemeber. This year we have been lucky and the weather has been amazing the entire weekend. However, the water in the lake was extremely cold. Add 1.500 meters of altitude and you can imagine how hard it was the swim. Not to mention that because the lake was quite small, the swim course had many corners and it was quite confusing. I had horrible feelings at the start and I was tempted to quit the race but I didn’t see any boat nearby and I continued to swim. At the beginning I was struggling because I was feeling like I was not able to breath. I guess that after a while I got used to the hard conditions and I managed to complete the swim with an average pace of 1:41min/100m… Quite bad for a wetsuit legal swim.

Right after T1 while I was trying to wear my left shoe on the bike, I hit one of the barriers on the lef side of the road with my hand and I got three cuts on the upper part of my hand. I was bliding quite a lot for the rest of the race but it was not so painful and I managed to continue. I was quite fast on the climb to Fluelapass and I passed a few triathletes, including my friend and rival Jurgen. At the top of the pass it was mandatory to wear something with long sleeves before starting the descent back to Davos. We had the possibility to leave a jacket or something in a special bag in T1 and it was transported to the food station on top of Fluelapass. Unfortunately, the bags were stored in big boxes and not racked in numerical order like in T2… On top of that, the volunteets did not help the athletes searching for their bags… I lost more than one minute just to find my bag… As a consequence two athletes managed to catch me again. The descent to Davos was quite fast and not too dangeros. The turns were not very sharp and the asfalt was dry thanks to the wonderful weather.

Jurgen managed to catch me on the top of Fluelapass and we arrived to T2 together. He started running a bit faster than me and he took about 200m advantage in the first couple of kms. I managed to keep the gap constant and in the 9th km, uphill, I managed to reduce the gap. However, in the last turn before the beginning of the last km, almost entirely downhill, he noticed that I was getting closer and he started a long sprint to the finish line 😀 and he finished about 1 minute ahead of me.

Now the season is over and I’m enjoying a “break” with no pressure for training: I do what I like whenever I feel like doing something. In november I will start again to add a structure to my weekly planning until the end of the offseason. Until then I will just enjoy doing sport with my friends and maybe I will try to break my personal records in running.

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