Olympic Triatholn Yverdon and Davos Race Report

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The season came to an end with the races in Yverdon and Davos, both olympic distance. I was supposed to do a 70.3 IronMan in China on September 23rd but the government of the city of Chongquing revoked the permission to organize the race and therefore the organizers had to cancel the event.

The race in Yverdon, on Septmeber 9th, was the 9th and only draft-legal race of the Swiss tricircuit. I finished the race in 2:07:06, in 11th position overall and 8th in my category. The weather was absolutely amazing and the water of the lake in Yverdon was cristal clear like in a tropical island. On my way to Yverdon I was kicked out of the train because I didn’t have a reservation for my bike. I arrived there at 10:20, only 40 minutes before the start of the race. Luckily the train station was very close to the start and I managed to do everything on time, even a short warm up in the water. The swim included an Australian exit and it went quite well. I managed to keep a 1:33min/100m pace, with wetsuit.

After the swim, I did my best on the bike to reach a fast group to take advantage of the draft-legal race. Unfortunately, the course was very technical with a lot of corners, ups and downs… The other competitors seemed to know the course much better than me and I was loosing a couple of meters from the group after every corners. I managed to stay with them for about 2 of the 5 laps and then I had to continue on my own because the rest of the peloton was not so fast.

In the run I managed to pass some of the cyclists that were in the fast group. I had the 4th best run split of my age group and 5th overall. The course was over 4 laps on a “cross coutry” surface in the park nearby the beach. It was flat but the soft surface didn’t make it easy at all.

The race in Davos, on September 15th, was the 10th and last race of the season in the Swiss tricircuit. I finished the race in 2:11:23, in 9th position overall and 7th position in my agegroup. Last year the weather was horrible, it was already snowing in the middle of Septemeber. This year we have been lucky and the weather has been amazing the entire weekend. However, the water in the lake was extremely cold. Add 1.500 meters of altitude and you can imagine how hard it was the swim. Not to mention that because the lake was quite small, the swim course had many corners and it was quite confusing. I had horrible feelings at the start and I was tempted to quit the race but I didn’t see any boat nearby and I continued to swim. At the beginning I was struggling because I was feeling like I was not able to breath. I guess that after a while I got used to the hard conditions and I managed to complete the swim with an average pace of 1:41min/100m… Quite bad for a wetsuit legal swim.

Right after T1 while I was trying to wear my left shoe on the bike, I hit one of the barriers on the lef side of the road with my hand and I got three cuts on the upper part of my hand. I was bliding quite a lot for the rest of the race but it was not so painful and I managed to continue. I was quite fast on the climb to Fluelapass and I passed a few triathletes, including my friend and rival Jurgen. At the top of the pass it was mandatory to wear something with long sleeves before starting the descent back to Davos. We had the possibility to leave a jacket or something in a special bag in T1 and it was transported to the food station on top of Fluelapass. Unfortunately, the bags were stored in big boxes and not racked in numerical order like in T2… On top of that, the volunteets did not help the athletes searching for their bags… I lost more than one minute just to find my bag… As a consequence two athletes managed to catch me again. The descent to Davos was quite fast and not too dangeros. The turns were not very sharp and the asfalt was dry thanks to the wonderful weather.

Jurgen managed to catch me on the top of Fluelapass and we arrived to T2 together. He started running a bit faster than me and he took about 200m advantage in the first couple of kms. I managed to keep the gap constant and in the 9th km, uphill, I managed to reduce the gap. However, in the last turn before the beginning of the last km, almost entirely downhill, he noticed that I was getting closer and he started a long sprint to the finish line 😀 and he finished about 1 minute ahead of me.

Now the season is over and I’m enjoying a “break” with no pressure for training: I do what I like whenever I feel like doing something. In november I will start again to add a structure to my weekly planning until the end of the offseason. Until then I will just enjoy doing sport with my friends and maybe I will try to break my personal records in running.

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Triathlon Locarno Race Report (Sprint&Olympic)

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The race in Locarno was the 8th stage of the Swiss Tricircuit. There were two options for the participants: middle distance and olympic distance. However, the day before, on Saturday, the orgnizers offered as well a sprint race, outside of the tricircuit. Since I had to go to Locarno on Saturday anyway (because the race on Sunday started early and it’s quite far from Lucerne), I decided to sign up for the sprint race as well.

I arrived to Locarno with my friend Adrian around 2pm. We went to the hotel to check-in. We thought we had plenty of time because the sprint race was starting at 5:30pm. However, we didn’t know that the registration was closing at 3:30pm (and Adrian still had to register) and that the transition zone was closing at 4:15pm. We arrived to the expo area at 3:45pm. The organizers where so kind to let Adrian register for the race despite the official registration time was already expired. We had to run back to the hotel to pick up our stuff and we came back by bike as quicly as possible in order to leave our stuff in the transition zone before 4:15pm. It was quite an adventure but we managed to do everything on time… And then we had to wait more than one hour to start the race…

The organizer selected the 30 participants with the best time in this race in previous years to start in the first wave at 5:25pm. The other participants started 3 minutes later with a rolling start with 2 athletes every 15 seconds. My swim was quite good and I passed many athletes. T2 was quick and I was going very well until one of the pods of the power meter broke down and went into the chain. I was in 6th position and chasing the leaders but I had to stop for about 2 minutes to fix the bike. I finished the bike as well as I could without power meter… I was so upset for this issue that I ran as hard as I could and I averaged 3:39 min/km on 5k. I finished the race in 1:01:52 in 12th position in my age group. I think that I could have finished easily in the top 10 without the issues with the power meter but anyway it was a great workout.

On Sunday I went to prepare my stuff in the transition zone early enough. I tried to repare the power meter but it didn’t work. I will have to replace the damaged pod. The start of the swim this time was by waves and I started with all the other man in the olympic distance at 8:30am. I went with my friend Jurgen quite in the front and we started to swim quite fast. I averaged 1:32 min/100m on 1.500m (with wetsuit). In T1 I was still very close to Jurgen but then he was faster than me on the bike and the run. I did the entire bike segment without power meter for the first time in a few months. I think that I managed to pace myself quite well anyway. I averaged 39km/h with tired legs from the day before. I don’t think that I would have been much faster with a power meter. T2 was quite good and the run as well. My legs where really tired, especially my calves, but I was able to keep an excellent pace (3:57 min/km on average). I hope I can run at this pace in my next 70.3 IronMan in Chongquing. I finished the race in 2:11:09, in 11th position in my age group and very satisfied for the performance and for the entire weekend.

After the race I spent some quality time with my teammates, my sister and one of my coworkers. Many familiar faces came to Locarno for the weekend. It was a great event and I think that I will come back next year. I’m not sure if I will do the double again but I want definitely to race here again. This coming weekend I will go to Yverdon for the 9th race of the tricircuit. I’m looking forward to racing in a draft legal race for the first time this season.

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Triathlon de Nyon: first top 10 of the season!

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The race in Nyon was definitely the hardest of the season so far. I thought that I was not performing very well but apparently the race was hard for everybody: I managed to finish 7th in my age group and after 6 races of the tricircuit I’m in 4th position in the ranking in my age group.

Nyon is relatively far from Lucerne. The race start was at 13:40 and I had to leave from Lucerne at 9:00am. I arrived in Nyon at 12:23 and the transition zone was only about 10 minutes away. I met my friend and rival Jurgen there 😀 he came with an earlier train from Rapperswil. It was a beautiful, sunny day and extremely hot. No wonder that the wetsuit was not allowed in the swim. I left my bike for a few minutes with Jurgen and I went for the registration. Then we went together for the check in and when we were ready it was already time to go to the lake for a quick warm up.

The start of the swim was from the water. I picked the right side as I don’t like to start from the middle. I said “good luck and see you later” to Jurgen and I went to the right. The water was great. It was warm and the lake was calm. The swim was good, I had good feelings but my pace was not that good. I averaged 1:43 min/100m, about 3 seconds slower than in the first non wetsuit olympic race of the season in Zug. The transition was extremely long, about 900m uphill to reach the stadium where the transition zone was located. I finished the swim (exactly 1500m) in 26:17 and T1 was 3:02.

The bike was on a 4 loops, hilly and super hard course. Definitely completely different from what I have been training for the race in Benton Harbour. I managed to keep a decent pace for the first 2 rounds but then I disconnected mentally and phisically. On the climbs it was extremely hot and the descents where technical with a lot of corners. No time to relax. I finished the bike segment (42km) in 1:10:36 with an average power of 248w: less than what I normally do in a bike workout… During T2 I was a bit surprised to see almost nobody in the transition zone… I thought: where is everybody? For a few seconds I didn’t even know where I had to go but I figured it our quite quickly.

The run was great. The first 2k of the 5k loop were a bit hilly and the last 3k were flat or with a light descent. My final average on the 10km was 4:13 min/km. It’s not super fast but I had the feeling that I could keep that pace for another 10k. I’m confident that I can keep a similar average in the 70.3 this week. I finished the 10k run in 41:10. For the first time I ran faster than Jurgen but for the first time he was faster than me on the bike and he managed to finish ahead in 6th place.

Despite I was suffering more than in any other race of this season so far, I am very pleased for the top 10 and I am confident for the 70.3 IronMan Steelhead. I expect the bike course to be not nearly as hard as in Nyon and I hope to have my best bike performance of the season. If I can keep a decent pace in the swim and a good pace on the run, then it’s going to be the race of my life 🙂

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Triathlon Uri: 2nd place in the Swiss Tricircuit Ranking

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Last Sunday in Uri it was my third Olympic Triathlon in 15 days and it went pretty well. It was a bit shorter than the standard distance and I was able to finish the race in 1:56:19, 13th place in my age group. This gave me enough points to reach the second place in the Swiss Tricircuit Ranking in my age group and third place overall! Not too bad. Now let see for how long I can hold this position in the ranking. It’s going to be hard.

My day on Sunday started very early, at 6am. I had breakfast, I picked my stuff for the race and I brought them to the Loolaba van parked nearby my apartment. I went with my teammates Adrian and John to Uri quite early because we had to set up the stand before the start of the first race of the day: the duathlon. It was an all day event, with sprint and olympic distance, Swiss Elite National Championships (male and female) and all the youth categories. I helped out with the stand until noon then I went to the registration and I checked in my bike and the other stuff for the race. The start of the olympic distance was at 1:50 pm. I went to warm up in the water around 1:30pm. It was a sunny and very hot day. I enjoyed being in the fresh water 🙂

The swim was a two loops course. It was quite windy and there were waves almost like in the sea, especially until the first buoy. The rest of the course was not so bad. I struggled a little bit in the first segment of the loop but in the rest of the course I was feeling quite good. I was not so fast though, definitely slower than last week in Spiez. My pace was 1:39 min/km but the total distance was only 1.100m and I managed to finish in 18:28. T1 was very long though. There were at least 300m between the lake and the transition zone. Maybe they tried to compensate with a shorter swim 😀

The bike course was 3 rounds on a 12km loop. It was mostly flat although the wind in some points was very strong. My bike split was great: I finished the 36km in 52:20, 3rd time in my AG, only 20 seconds from the best time of the day. I averaged more than 40km/h and 277w. I passed many athletes, even some of the elite age groupers who reached T1 faster than me. However, my T2 was quite slow and they passed me again before starting the run segment.

As I said at the beginning, it was very hot and running in the middle of the afternoon was definitely the hardest part of the race. My target pace was 4:00 min/km but I was not able to keep it even for the first km. The course was 4 rounds on a 2.5km loop. The first 2 rounds were decent at about 4:10 min/km on average. In the 3rd round I started to slow down and in the last round I was running around 4:25 min/km. At the end I finished in 42:08 with an average pace of 4:19 min/km.

Overall I’m satisfied of the outcome of the race and of my current level of fitness. I would like to improve my running before my A-race in August. I’m running at a good pace during the run key-workout. Now I have to understand why I’m not able to keep that pace in a triathlon. Possible causes are weather and tiredness, since I’m not tapering before these competitions. Or maybe I just have to be patient and keep following my training plan 🙂 Let see how it goes this coming Sunday in the Sempachersee Sprint Triathlon.

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Second Olympic Triathlon in 7 days in Spiez

Last Saturday I did my second Olympic Triathlon of the season only six days after the fast race in Zug. The weather was amazing the entire day in Spiez. It was a bit windy though. In some segments on the bike course I was not feeling comfortable in the aero position because the bike was kind of shaking due to the wind and I was not feeling in full control of the bike. Anyway, I finished the race in 2:13:50, 19th in my age group. I was expecting to be about 4 minutes faster. However, 19th place, considering that the race was valid for the Swiss National Championship, is not too bad. I was about 5 minutes faster than 4 years ago when I did this race for the first and only time.

I arrived in Spiez by train at 12:34, a bit more than 1 hour before the start, enough time to go through registration, check-in and a bit of warm up. The temperature of the water in Lake Thun is usually quite cold, therefore this time the wetsuit was allowed. It was my first race with my new Zoggs FX1 and it went pretty well. The distance was exactly 1.500m and I finished in 23:47, a pace of 1:33 min/100m. My target for this season is to reach a pace of 1:30 min/100m in the half IronMan distance (1.900m) and I think that I’m pretty close. I have to try to improve about 3 seconds on 100m over the next month. At the start I was quite in front on the left side. The group with the fast swimmers broke away after a few minutes and I was able to keep the pace of the chasing group. I was feeling comfortable in the water and I’m very happy with my new wetsuit. Since I started to race in triathlons, swimming has been my least favourite part of the race, especially with a mass start. This season my feelings are completely different, I’m enjoing the swim as much as the bike and the run.

The bike course was quite hilly (350m of elevation), especially if compared with the course of the Zug Triathlon of last week. A few meters after T1 there is already a steep hill, luckily not too long. The first half of the course was mostly uphill. However, except for a couple of steep and short hills, the incline on the rest of the course was very low and I could perceive it mainly because of the effort that I was making on the bike. I was trying to keep my watts above FTP but I think that I should have pushed harder. In the second half of the race the incline was mainly negative and in some segments I was riding above 60 km/h effortless. I was much faster than in the first half and I didn’t need to push nearly as hard as in the first half. I have to keep this in mind if I race again in Spiez next year. Anyway, overall I’m satisfied of the performance on the bike (1:02:43 in 40km).

The run course was made of two laps of 5k with a first kilometer on a heart-break hill. In the firs lap I was doing ok but when a I had to go through the hill a second time I struggled a lot and the rest of the second lap was not nearly as good as the first one. I finished the 10k in 42:40, almost 3 minutes slower than in Zug. For sure the course was harder and probably I was more tired than last week. However, I want to be able to run on tired legs at 4:00 min/km. Let see if I can reach this goal in the next race in Uri this Sunday.

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Offseason full week of training

I have completed the first full week of training of my annual training plan. You can see a summary in the picture above, from my Training Peaks profile. We are in the offseason now and the goal is to improve strength and power/VO2max. As you can see, about 1/3 of the training time is spent at the gym trying to improve muscular strength with weight training. I will post soon the exercises that I’m doing for chest, back, arms, abs and legs. Cardio sessions are mainly short and intense. The goal is to work on strength specific sets for swimming, cycling and running and high intensity intervals to improve VO2max. I’m doing the sessions posted in my previous posts. If you missed them, just click  on the links. As always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. If you like the posts, don’t forget to give a thumbs up and if you want to know more, subscribe to the blog and follow me on the social networks. Stay tuned and write to you soon!

Resumen entrenamientos 25-31 julio

Plan semanal

En la tabla de arriba podéis ver las sesiones de entrenamiento que hice la semana pasada. Ha sido basicamente una semana de descanso después del IronMan de Zurich.

De lunes a miércoles descansé. Aproveché para trabajar a tope para el lanzamiento de Loolaba puesto que tenía vacaciones de mi trabajo en OCD. El jueves fue mi 30 cumpleaños 🙂 trabajé todo el día y por la tarde fui a hacer series en la pista de atletismo de Lucerna con dos compañeros del club. El viernes descansé. El sábado fui a Meirinegen con Tanja y Anne. Desde Meiringen subimos el Sustenpass a más de 2.200 metros. Fue muy bonito ir en bici en los Alpes suizos con un día espectacular y la mejor compañía. Lo pasamos genial. Luego regresamos hasta Lucerna en bici (con un breve tramo en tren) sumando 118 km y más de 2.000 metros de desnivel positivo. El domingo descansé.

Esta semana en principio me gustaría volver a entrenar como antes del IronMan. El sábado quiero hacer el triatlón olímpico de Nyon y el domingo la Engelberg Berglauf. Te lo vas a perder? Sigue mis aventuras en las redes sociales!

Este es el resumen de la semana en números:

Natación: descanso;
Bici: 118 km;
Cursa: 5 km run;
Tonificación: descanso.

En total he entrenado mas de 5 horas! Que te parece? Coméntalo en el blog!

A continuación os dejo el resumen de la semana en imágenes :-)

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I am an IronMan

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Así es. Han sido 5 años de entrenos, a veces muy duros, carreras, ensayos y errores. He aprendido y mejorado mucho, he transformado mi cuerpo y por fin puedo decir: soy IronMan!

El sábado 23 de julio fui con Chad en tren hasta Thalwil. Se tardan 35 minutos desde Lucerna. Cogimos hotel allí porqué estaba a 6 minutos en tren de la salida del IronMan. Dejamos nuestras cosas en la habitación y luego fuimos a Zurich para buscar el dorsal y preparar el box de transición para la batalla del día siguiente. Tuvimos tiempo para visitar la feria que como cada año era impresionante. Tras dejarlo todo preparado, tuve que volver a Lucerna porque me había olvidado el sistema de hidratación de mi Scott Plasma. Regresé otra vez al hotel sobre las 9 de la tarde y tras prepararme para dormir miré un poco lo que había pasado en la última etapa del Tour de France antes de acostarme.

El domingo por la mañana nos despertamos a las 5. Nos preparamos, desayunamos y fuimos a la salida del IronMan. Llegamos allá sobre las 6. Tuvimos tiempo para chequear que todo estuviera en orden, poner el neopreno y andar hacia la salida. Al final no tuvimos tiempo para calentar en el agua. A las 6:40 horas empezaron los profesionales y desde las 6:45 los populares: 8 atletas cada 5 segundos.

En la natación fui relajado. No quise empujar demasiado porque sabía que no valía la pena gastar demasiada energía para ahorrar un par de minutos nadando en una carrera tan larga. Acabé en 1 hora 10 minutos, quizás un par de minutos más de mis expectativas. Menos mal que nos dejaron ir con neopreno. Acabé con mucha energía y ganas de empezar la bici.

Los primeros 35 km de bici eran muy planos y fui a más de 40 km/h de media: muy rápido. La segunda parte del recorrido tenía varias subidas y bajadas: la más dura The Beast, la bestia 2.8 km al 7%. Luego, había que bajar y costear el lago hasta Zurich para luego subir la Heart Break Hill: una cuesta tan corta como dura y llena de espectadores, a lo Tour de France. Seguramente haya sido el momento más emocionante de mi carrera deportiva. Tras la Heart Break Hill había que volver hacia el box de transición y empezar la segunda vuelta de 90 km. La primera vuelta fue muy bien, la hice en 2:32. Sin embargo, empezaron a molestarme los lumbares y en la segunda vuelta me costaba mantener la posición aerodinámica. Fui bastante más lento pero acabé la bici en 5:26.

Al bajarme de la bici me notaba bien. Las piernas todavía estaban frescas y al estar recto, las lumbares dejaron de molestarme. Empecé a correr a 4:50 min/km. Iba tan fuerte que adelanté a Jan van Berkel 🙂 Bueno creo que ya estaba en su tercera vuelta de la cursa a pié y estaba teniendo un mal momento. De hecho, tras unos 5 km volvió a adelantarme a toda pastilla. Los primeros 15 km fui muy bien pero luego empezaron a faltarme las energías y me costaba correr hasta a 6 min/km. Al final de la segunda vuelta empezé a mirar el tiempo total y a calcular el ritmo que necesitaba para bajar de 11 horas. Me tomé con calma todos los avituallamientos porque hacía mucha calor y no quería deshidratarme. Al final cumplí con mi objetivo y entré en meta en 10:57:26 escuchando: “Alex Ciherean, you are an IronMan!”.

Estaba satisfecho y contento pero me di cuenta que había disfrutado más en los 5 años anteriores desde que me estrené en distancia sprint y que me puse como objetivo lo de ser un IronMan. He repartido la felicidad que da conseguir ser finisher a lo largo de los años que me he estado preparando. Creo que ha sido la manera mejor de vivir esta experiencia y recomiendo ir paso a paso para preparar un IronMan. Estrenarse en un triathlon con un IronMan no merece la pena.

Ahora hay que mirar adelante y pensar al próximo reto para la próxima temporada. Te lo vas a perder?! Apúntate al blog.

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Resumen entrenamientos 18-24 julio

Plan semanal

En la tabla de arriba podéis ver las sesiones de entrenamiento que hice la semana pasada. Ha sido basicamente una semana de tapering de cara al IronMan de Zurich.

El lunes por la mañana fui en bici hasta Zug. Por la tarde regresé a Lucerna en bici. El martes por la mañana fui a nadar. Por la tarde tuve una reunión con mis colegas de Loolaba. El miércoles por la mañana descansé. Por la tarde fui al curso de natación. El jueves por la mañana descansé. Por la tarde fui a correr con Diego en Zug, 10km suave. El viernes por la mañana fui a nadar con los compañeros del club en el lago. Por la tarde me despedí de mis compañeros de OCD, fue mi último día en la oficina antes de empezar a trabajar a jornada completa en mi empresa: Loolaba 🙂 El sábado fui a Zurich para recoger el dorsal y preparar el box de transición para el IronMan . El domingo pasé casi todo el día compitiendo en el IronMan. Seguro que ya sabes comon ha ido, pero no te pierdas mi crónica!

Esta semana en principio es de descanso despues del IronMan de Zurich. El sábado pienso subir un puerto alpino muy bonito, el Sustenpass. Te lo vas a perder? Sigue mis aventuras en las redes sociales!

Este es el resumen de la semana en números:

Natación: 11.575 metros;
Bici: 233 km;
Cursa: 52,2 km run;
Tonificación: descanso.

En total he entrenado mas de 16 horas y media! Que te parece? Coméntalo en el blog!

A continuación os dejo el resumen de la semana en imágenes :-)

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Crónica desde el dorsal: Eiger Trail E16

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 Allá vamos con la crónica de la Eiger Trail. Fue el 16 de julio, 8 días antes de mi debut en IronMan.

El viernes fui en tren desde Lucerna hasta Grindelwald. Se tardan dos horas y media. Llegué a las 5:30 horas de la tarde, justo a tiempo para recoger mi dorsal y echar un vistazo a la feria. Había muchos stands. La ultra trail de 101 km es una de las pruebas del calendario del Ultra Trail World Tour y suma puntos para la Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc. Luego había más distancias: 51km, 35km y 16km, la que iba a correr yo. Una semana antes del IronMan no me parecía bien correr más 🙂

El sábado mi cursa empezaba a las 10 de la mañana. Me puse entre los primeros para salir en las fotos jajaja Empezé bastante bien pero un grupito de unos 10 corredores era muy rápido y poco a poco se fue escapando. Yo iba a un ritmo bastante exigente pero sin matarme. El recorrido tenía 980 metros de desnivel positivo y otros tantos de desnivel negativo. Había subidas y bajadas en casi todos los 16 km, unos tramos por asfalto pero casi todo por trialeras. La verdad es que sufrí más en las bajadas que en las subidas… Llevaba muchísimo tiempo sin correr cuesta abajo. El tiempo fue estupendo todo el fin de semana, sol y calorcito. Las vistas eran impresionantes, la verdad es que las montañas alrededor de Grindelwald son estupendas. Disfruté mucho de la carrera y no pensé mucho en el sufrimiento y tampoco en la clasificación. En la última bajada me despisté y fui fuera del camino más rápido para bajar. Perdí varias posiciones pero me daba igual. Al final acabé en 1:35:05 en la posición 18 de la general.

Por la tarde fui en tren hasta Kleine Scheidegg para dar un paseo y ver unos tramos de la Ultra Trail. Fui a ver la pared Nord del Eiger y el glaciar. La verdad es que el recorrido es tan espectacular que no se puede describir. Hice unas fotos pero creo que la manera mejor de disfrutar de esos sitios es vivirlos. El domingo fui en autobús hasta Grosse Scheidegg y corrí más de 20 km del recorrido de la Ultra Trail pasando por First y llegando hasta Busalp. Otra vez pasé por paisajes de postal. La verdad es que tarde o temprano me gustaría intentar de hacer la Ultra Trail. El año que viene quiero repetir seguro, como mínimo la de 16 km pero si encaja con el calendario de triatlón, podría pasar a una distancia más larga. Te lo vas a perder?! Apúntate al blog!

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